Borrowing money is an important part of social life

Would you like to borrow money? Discover the 10 best sources of credit to fulfill your desires or to escape financial difficulties. You will also be presented with sources of money that you may not have thought of.

Lending money – covering individual financing needs

Lending money - covering individual financing needs

The borrowed money makes it possible to fulfill wishes that would not be or are difficult to afford from current income. Most can only afford a house because it was initially mortgaged. Even the chic fleet that parks in front of many front doors is only possible thanks to a loan.

Money is not only borrowed for large projects. Many a holiday tan – at the last minute price – is thanks to the overdraft facility. The offer could only be taken advantage of because the quick credit solution provided financial flexibility. Everyday life can also be made more pleasant if the solvency remains constant. Otherwise, especially at the end of the month, the shopping spree and even the Sunday roast would fall victim to the red pencil.

There are endless reasons for wanting to borrow money from time to time. However, the sources from which appropriate funding can come are limited. In addition, not everyone is able to access all types of financing. Borrowing money is always linked to personal creditworthiness.

10 sources of money at a glance:

10 sources of money at a glance:

Regular loan offers

  • The house bank offers the overdraft facility and installment loans
  • Direct banks primarily allow cheap installment loans and instant loans
  • Mail order and department store loans finance purchasing

Establish quick liquidity

  • Vexcash enables quick credit solutions for small credit needs
  • The employer loan offers an interest-free way to borrow money
  • Pawnbrokers lend money without Credit Bureau and without personal creditworthiness

Credit in difficult cases

  • Credit intermediaries, such as LIte Lender, pave the way for special offers
  • Friends and credit portals – like Capital Lender – make it possible to borrow money privately
  • Credit without Credit Bureau (credit bank loan)
  • A private foreign loan is also possible without Credit Bureau, but it is risky

Finance quickly and cheaply – address the right donors

Who is the right contact person for individual money needs depends on the creditworthiness, the financing amount and many other criteria. Loans that are particularly quickly available are often particularly expensive. The overdraft facility may serve as an example of how quickly expensive can often be. When balancing the dispos quickly, a regular credit facility offers a credit option that fully meets customer requirements.

Instant loans from a direct bank are easy to apply for. The financing offers can be found easily by comparing loans. It hardly takes more than five minutes to fill out an online application form. The credit institution’s examination program makes a preliminary decision in real time. The borrowed money is freely available. An incoming payment on the checking account can usually be expected within a week.

Despatch can be realized at mail order and department stores without having to take cash in hand. A mail order company finances the purchase. The advantage of borrowing money from mail order and department stores is the unproblematic handling and often low interest rates. In order to take advantage of the financing offers, only normal creditworthiness and a secure working income are required.

Fast liquidity – meet urgent money needs

It is not always crucial to take out an installment loan with low interest rates and a long repayment period. Often, an unexpectedly high bill goes beyond a family’s financial budget. The unexpected need for money could be repaid within a very short time, only now is it difficult to pay the bill.

With good and normal creditworthiness, the overdraft facility offers an expensive but convenient way out of the impending payment difficulty. However, if the overdraft limit has already been exhausted or the creditworthiness is poor, many find it difficult to meet the unexpected cash requirements. Borrowing money privately, tapping into sources of money among friends is difficult for most people. It is more than uncomfortable when close friends are asked about money.

In the event of a one-time emergency, for example the wallet is left at home, everyone is happy to help out. However, if money is borrowed more often, the friends quickly withdraw. Everyone plans with their own budget. Nobody wants to have to help others financially at all times. Refusing credit to friends is difficult. In order to avoid this situation, the contact often breaks off.

Vexcash’s loan offering reaches precisely this target group. Small sums can be borrowed quickly and easily. Vexcash offers with its offer to lend money, the optimal addition to the overdraft facility. If the credit rating is poor, the micro short-term loan can even be a good alternative to overdraft facility.

Installment loan – ways out of financing difficulties

Installment loan - ways out of financing difficulties

A credit broker doesn’t lend money himself, and brokers don’t always have the best reputation. Nevertheless, the help of a reputable broker can make it easier to borrow money in difficult credit situations. Only the contacts of the intermediary to special providers enable an installment loan, even if there are no credit opportunities at the house bank. Established intermediaries, such as LIte Lender, can address around 20 possible sources of money, at home and abroad, to the financing request.

The best-known way to borrow money through an intermediary is Swiss credit or credit without Credit Bureau. It plays no role in the credit check. Proof of creditworthiness is provided via labor income and the public debt register.

Borrowing money is also possible privately without frightening your friends. Renowned credit portals, such as Capital Lender, make it easier to contact private investors. A private loan, applied for through a reputable credit portal, offers many advantages. It is not only Credit Bureau’s credit rating that decides whether to grant credit, private investors also lend their money to their own standards. It is possible to borrow money privately, even under difficult conditions, at market interest rates.

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