Loan for self-employed under 2 years old

A loan for the self-employed under 2 years after the establishment of the company is possible with a certain amount of bureaucratic effort. How it works particularly low interest rates, more on this in the article.

Loan for self-employed people under 2 years after starting up a business

Loan for self-employed people under 2 years after starting up a business

Start-ups may be inexperienced, but they are bursting with energy. Once the good business idea has been found, it is fresh to work. Most prefer to start small. First of all, try whether it really works with independence. The chaff separates from the wheat at the latest in the second year of independence. A really good business idea that is now beginning to materialize.

Instead of red numbers, as in the first year, the Lite lender shows a steep upward trend. Anyone who hopes for immediate support from the credit institutions, simply goes to the bank with the Lite lender, will often be disappointed. Nobody would like to grant a loan for self-employed people under 2 years after the foundation. The first year income tax return cannot provide security for lending. The numbers are probably still red. The bank employee is probably not allowed to rely solely on the Lite lender, as an indicator of the idea of ​​expansion.

Non-cash collateral and, if possible, a surety are required for lending. Looking at the expected interest rates, even under these tough conditions, often questions the entire project.

Loan at Best Interest Rates 

Loan at Best Interest Rates - Use ERP Loans

The state credit institution for reconstruction (DLB) has programs not only for the direct establishment of a company. There are now well over 1000 different funding opportunities that can be used directly and indirectly by DLB. An example of this is hidden under the inconspicuous credit number 058. There it says that start-ups and freelancers can be supported with ERP capital.

One of the possible entry requirements is the consolidation of a young company. The foundation may only be no longer than three years ago. The desire for the loan for self-employed people under 2 years since the establishment of the company falls exactly in this period.

Looking at the 3.17 percent interest rate with a fixed interest rate for 10 years is almost reminiscent of equity. The total term of the loan of 15 years allows even large investments to be paid off in small steps. Collateral or a particularly good credit rating are not required for lending. Only 10 percent of the equity capital has to flow into the investment. You can apply for the loan from any commercial bank.

Create equity replacement for the DLB loan

Create equity replacement for the KfW loan

With a large investment, 10 percent equity appears to be a major hurdle for many. In the second year of self-employment, this money is not in everyone’s secret Swiss bank account. Nevertheless, the required equity could be taken out as a Swiss loan through a credit intermediary.

Another way to provide proof of equity can come from one of the portals for private lending. Good business ideas rarely fall on deaf ears with private donors. A loan for the self-employed under 2 years after the foundation can be approved by private individuals. Although slightly higher interest rates are required, this hardly plays a role in the context of the total investment that is now possible.

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